Atlanta skyscraper


Atlanta skyscraper
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Program: Office + Hotel
International Competition / Research
Client: RitaWorld LLC
Awards: Winner

The new Atlanta Skyscraper International Competition published on the popular architectural design competition websites in 2020. The design is to be built in downtown Atlanta, must be between 1,200 and 1,500 feet tall, and have a striking design. The design should also look like a diamond ring or crystal glass cup with a glowing spire on top of the tower with a beautiful lighting effect at night.

This 1,500-foot (457.2-meter) unique skyscraper has been transformed and motivated by a diamond ring to adapt to the requirements and create a unique, futuristic symbol of modern life in downtown Atlanta.

They (RitaWorld LLC) announced PARK Architects as the winner of the contest on March 31, 2021.